For many of us, our desktop is the workhorse that we rely on. When it breaks, take a deep breath and allow us to ease your mind, regardless of what kind of computer you use.

We Fix All Problems

Boot-up issues: Slow startup? It’s time to bring it to us. We can determine what is causing your machine to lag on startup, and offer a solution so you can get back to it.

Virus & spyware removal: Don’t feel bad. These criminals are savvy. Bring your laptop to us as soon as you suspect you may have a virus. We have successfully removed even the most stubborn spyware and viruses.

Monitor repair: An unresponsive monitor doesn’t mean the end of its life. Bring it to us for an expert repair.

Connection issues: You probably require some kind of Internet connection. If you’re dealing with connectivity issues, we can help you get everything online again.

Component replacement: Nothing lasts forever. Bring your computer to us if you have a broken USB port, interface port, unresponsive CD/DVD player, or other peripheral issues

Proven Repair Experts

Every machine is built a little differently, and we offer service to virtually all of them. We have the skills to assist with all kinds of repair services.