Even though most people use their smartphones to check the time, there’s nothing quite like wearing a watch or carrying a pocket watch. There are many watch aficionados in the world. Some just like wearing a watch that catches their eye in the store.

Some are more discerning about branding. Some wear a watch for nostalgic reasons because their time piece was owned by a loved one who has passed on. Whatever your reason for wearing a watch, they sometimes fail. Most often what is needed is a battery or band replaced, but sometimes the problem is deeper.

Whether it’s a mechanical or quartz movement, a broken crystal, or your watch requires restoration to one degree or another, they are not something that should be handled by a non-professional. We have repaired, serviced, and restored may watches, so you can be confident that your time piece will receive the attention it deserves. We will also provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision on whether to repair or replace your time piece.